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Bead Board Plaque With Hooks and Wreath


Ok girls, I’m super proud of this and I’m excited to show it to you. I have wanted to do something with bead board forEVAH and I finally did it!!. And the best part is that I made it all by myself!! Well, sort of, my dad did coach me along 🙂


Let’s start with the supplies:

– Bead Board from the Depot, you can get it at Lowe’s but it’s cheaper at the Depot.  It’s $9.95

– 1 x 3. Make sure you get the straightest one you can find.  I had to dig through a bunch before I found the best one.

– Paint, in whatever color you choose.

– Sand paper

– Decorative knob

– 3 single hooks

– Miter saw or Miter box

Bead Board all cut and ready

I wanted to make my plaque 2 feet square and the bead board comes in 7 inch x 32 inch pieces.  I used 3 pieces and cut each of them down to 21 inches long with my miter saw. The pieces have tongue and grooves on the edges so they slide together easily. Now I have a square that is 21 inches on each sideNow it’s time to cut the 1 x 3.  Using the miter saw again I cut a 45 degree angle every 24 inches. You need 4 pieces so do this 4 times and make sure that you cut the angle on the other end the opposite way of the first cut. I used a miter saw, but a miter box will do the trick and is less than $10 at the Depot. My drawing isn’t perfect, but hopefully it gives you a better idea than my explanation.

Before you assemble the frame, lay the boards out to make sure the corners fit tight. Doing it this way will save you some headache if you realize the corners are wrong after its all nailed and glued together.

**** This next step isn’t necessary and I will tell you later how to finish this without doing it this way.  BUT since my dad is a contractor and he was guiding me through this, he INSISTED that I do it the CORRECT way ****

The step I am going to show you is called Mortise. I used the table saw to do it and it was actually SUPER easy.  Mortise is cutting a notch out of the frame so that the bead board sits in the frame and it will hang flush against the wall. I’m sure its do-able without a table saw, but I have no idea how to do it, so I would suggest googling it 🙂

Sorry for the blurry pic, put it shows you the Mortise cut.  Here’s how you do it: First you measure the thickness of your bead board and that’s how deep you will cut into the boards.  My bead board is 1/4″ inch and since I want the square to be 24″ I cut 3/4″ the other way. Now that the Mortise is cut it’s time to assemble.


I used a bit of wood glue to attach the corners then shot a nail on each side using my electric nail gun.  If you don’t have a nail gun, finishing nails and a hammer would work great. Now it’s time to let the glue dry. Normally I would wait an hour or so but since my dad was overseeing, and we were doing it correctly, I let ‘er dry over night.  I was so excited to wake up the next morning and finish it!!

Attaching the bead board to the frame was super easy.  I chose not to use glue so the wood could expand and retract if necessary with weather changes or whatever. I used the electric staple gun, SOOO much easier than the old fashioned staple guns, and stuck a few staples in her and called it good. I used some wood filler on one of the corners and to fill in the nail holes.


Now it’s time to paint her up!! I used a flat black spray paint and once it was dry, I took my sand paper to the edges to show the wood and then sprayed a matte finish to seal everything in. I attached the hooks on the bottom using the screws they came with.  I think this would be just as cute without them though, and it would save you about $6.00!!

Here is a closeup shot of the knob and wreath … I LOVE THE KNOB!!

Ok ladies, she’s all done and from start to finish (not counting drying time) she took me about an hour. And the price is even better … you ready??!!

$9.95 for the bead board

$6.00 for the hooks

$2.00 for the 1 x 3

$3.00 clock

Wreath, free since I already had it

Paint and sand paper free, already had them

FOR A GRAND TOTAL OF (DRUMROLL PLEASE) …. $20.95!!!! woo-hoo!! And remember that without the hooks it would only be $15.00 DANG I LOVE CHEAP STUFF THAT LOOKS TONS MORE EXPENSIVE!!!!!

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Shelf Re-VAMP: Take 2!

I guess I’m in a SHELFY mood this week, since this is the second one I’ve done!! Well, this one is an even better deal than the first one.  Let me tell you why … First off it’s not a built-in so I can move it wherever I want and second it was FREE!! My cousin’s neighbor was having a yard sale and she had TWO of these little ladies that didn’t sell, she also had 5 or 6 grapevine wreaths and she GAVE them all to me!!! WOO-HOO!! I’m on the lookout for ideas to do with the wreath’s but I knew exactly what I wanted to do with one of the shelves. I promise if you stay with me through all these ugly before pics, you will see the pretty afters!!Before

Before #1

The shelf had a weird stone texture on it, it was unevenly applied so I could tell that it was just a spray and I could sand it down.  Well, it took A LOT of sanding and it was nearly impossible to get in between the little squares so I left some of the texture on it and I really like the way it turned out.  So I guess my laziness was really just me being BRILLIANT!! HAHA

Before #2

The lighting is weird, but you can really see the weird texture on it (no wonder nobody bought them at the yard sale) And I like this shelf because it has the little cut-out thingy, I know that sounds intelligent, for pictures or plates or whateva. Oh I should also tell you that these puppies had the original price tags from the store on the back.  Wanna guess how much?? $29.99 … UHHH kinda pricey, but it makes my FREE price tag that much cooler!!!

So, after 27 hours of sanding, okay not really that long, I went to work on painting.  Of course I chose black, I mean that’s one of my favorite colors, and if you saw my house you would know.

Anyway,  I spray painted it but the only black paint I had was flat and I wanted it to be somewhat shiny.  So, after that dried I used my trusty Apple Barrel Indoor/Outdoor Acrylic/Enamel glossy black paint, and gave shelfy a few coats and let her dry.  I’m uber impatient, so waiting for paint to dry is torture!! I know it’s necessary, and I think that makes it even more unbearable.  ARGH!!! So I played with Bucket for a while and then when she was ready for me I sanded her down on all the straight edges.  I sprayed her with a good coat of sealant and had to wait a bit more for drying time. I was checking on it every 15 minutes, seriously, I’m a 4-year-old!! I really liked being able to see some of the natural wood through the paint, but it would look JUST as lovely and classy if you chose not to sand.  Don’t ask me why I didn’t take pictures during the painting and sanding process, my brain sometimes is one tracked and I don’t realize until it’s too late.  Sooo … you get to see after shots with her all decorated up and looking FINE!!


Here she is all dolled up and ready!! The “amour” plaque I made with some scrap wood I had in the garage.  I was originally just going to paint “LOVE” but then I thought it would be more whimsical to use a different language.  I chose French, since I sort of know like 4 words from 2 years of French in High School.  I also thought about Love in Portuguese, since the hubs is of Brazilian descent, but that’s just “AMO” NOT PRETTY AT ALL!! So, French won … I Painted it black, sanded the edges DUH!!.

I printed the letters off using Word.  At first I did the whole pencil rubbing on the back and then traced over the letters with a pencil to leave the mark on the wood. But, when I started to paint it I realized my hands weren’t that steady to keep the lines straight.  So, I decided to cut the letters out with an exacto knife.  It actually didn’t take too long.  I gave the back of the stencil a LIGHT spray of adhesive so it wouldn’t move around but not too much to permamently attach to the wood.  I used my stippling brush and just sort of dabbed the paint on to help prevent bleeding.  I let it dry in between coats and I think i did about 3 total.  Once the last coat was dry I pulled off the stencil and then touched up any smudges or bleed marks with a fine brush … SUPA DUPA EASY!

Ok, now for the finished lady:


I figured since this shelf is centered around “love” that I would throw a little heart in.  It was in my wood stash so I painted it up and put him up there next to the plaque.  I also tied a bit of feather boa around a black candle to make her feel a bit more special 🙂 I already had the candle, the vase and the frames so this project cost me nothing.  DANG I love decorating for nothing!!


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Shelf Re-VAMP

The landing going downstairs to the basement has this weird built in shelf.  It’s about 6 inches deep and I’ve never known what to do with it.  I had a big basket on the wall and a few candle holders, but it just wasn’t quite doing it for me.  In comes my obsessive blog stalking reading, and I got some great ideas. The clock face idea is from Alchemy Junk, a super awesome site that has TONS of inspiration. I made mine a bit differently and I messed up a few of the numbers and didn’t notice until I was all done …. GRRRR!!!  I don’t want to talk about it anymore because I may cry, SERIOUSLY… so, let me show you what I did:
The Topiary I made  myself with 2 lrg decorative wicker balls I had around the house, a little bucket from the thrift store and some moss from the dollar store.  I already had the dowel, the rocks and the wooden knobs I made the finnial out of so this project cost me $3.00
Cute blue bucket received a light sanding and then a few coats of flat black spraypaint.  I first tried to use my acrylic paint and a sponge brush, but the strokes were visible and it was nasty, then I remembered I had spray paint in the garage.
I had a bunch of these wicker balls from when I worked at Pier 1 and they were on sale for dirt cheap … They’ve been in a box for years and I’ve never really known how to use them, but I’m glad I kept them.
Now for attaching the moss, I tried hot glue and that just wasn’t working because the moss isn’t one big piece.  So out comes the spray glue and then I rolled both balls in the moss and pressed it down to help it stay on.  After they were both covered I sprayed them with a sealant to give the moss a better chance of not falling off, it seemed to do the trick.  Then I painted the dowel to a creamy white color (same as the color I used on the clock) and stuck it in some foam in the bucket, then I glued in some more moss and rocks.  I stuck the balls on the dowel and then hot glued them so they wouldn’t slide down.  Then, I painted an oval on the fron of the bucket using the same creamy paint then painted a black S (for our last name) in the mdidle.
After It was all put together I decided I wanted some sort of finial on top, so I glued 2 smaller knobs to a large one and painted them the creamy white and glued it to the top of the dowel.  Tied a black ribbon around it and called it good.
The finished product

The glass candle holders are just 2 glass $1 thrift store vases glued to 2 $.75 thrift store taper candle holders. I know this isn’t  a new idea, everyone does it but I’m so glad my stalking reading led me to find the idea!!  The little frame is from Dollar Tree.  It started out a brick red color, but I painted it black, then the creamy white and sanded it down to show some of the black through the white (everyone knows how to do that).  I’m sure most of you remember the Literate Pumpkins that were EVERYWHERE last year. I kept them and just took the stems out of them and stacked them on the shelf.  The Eiffel tower candle holder is a $5 thrift store find, a bit pricey in my mind, but I had to have it just for this!!  Then I threw in an old Wire topiary that I spray painted black, it use to be silver and was filled with decorative Eggs. Added 2 more candle holders (again from Pier 1 days) and same black and white candles and that was all the wrote.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE how it turned out!! The best part of the project was the cost, you ready for this??!! Ok, it’s too much to handle, so make sure you are sitting down:  Since I already had some of the stuff at the house the total price tag for EVERYTHING was about $17 and that’s including paint, sandpaper, glue etc.  AWESOME!!!


The Girl Creative


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Spooky Halloween Decor

I had some extra 6×6 wooden plaque’s lying around so I thought I would make this cute little Frankenstein Door or Wall or anywhere you like Hanger. I hand painted the Boo and the frankenstein (I’m sure you can tell by the clumpy paint, it took a few re-dos) then I sanded the edges, drilled 2 holes, added some ribbon and that was it!! The finished result turned out just like I envisioned. But next time I will use glow in the dark paint for the Boo so it will be extra Spooky. I think I may hang it on the Mail Center in the entry way upstairs … I will post a pic of wherever I decide to rest it for the next month.

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