Fun Dice Blocks

So, I’m SURE that these have been created 100’s of times out there in blogland and I’m also sure that I could do a quick google search and see all of them in their beauty … but, I like to feel like my idea was my own, so I’m not going to do that 🙂 sorry, the pic is a little bit blurry … Still haven’t got the settings right on this camera.

I’ve been trying to decide what to put on this shelf (without spending any money) and for the life of me nothing I had was working. So, I looked at my color scheme (Red, Black, White/Cream) and looked at my supplies. I have lots of wood blocks from this project so I thought that I would make dice out of them.

These blocks started out as a 4×4 (which is really 3.5×3.5) and I cut them down to 3.5 blocks. Sanded the heck out of them and then painted them a creamy ivory color. I cut a few 1 inch circles on the heaviest cardstock I had on the cricut machine and that was my stencil. I drybrushed the dots with some black paint and then did some drybrushing on the edges and over the face of the dice. Then, I finished up with a coat of clear finish and VOILA!! Super easy, super cute, and super cheap!!

* I just got my camera back tonight so I didn’t take any “step by step” pictures. But, I have a feeling that I will be making more of these in the near future, so I will be sure to take some then.

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