Seriously like the CUTEST thing I have ever made … besides my son of course :)

Ok, so I LOVE LOVE LOVE the way this turned out!!! I’ve had my eye on the set of 5 paper mache nesting boxes but I never really knew what I would do with them. Anyway, I went to JoAnn’s today with the intentions of getting the material for Bucket’s skunk costume and while I was gathering it all up I realized that the costume was way too intense and expensive for a 7 month old, so I scrapped it and walked around. I had my 40% and 50% off coupons so I decided to spring for the boxes (usually $20 but only $10 with the coupon, SCORE, I’m going back for another set with my other coupon).I love Halloween but have never really had a lot of decorations for it so I decided these boxes would become something SPOOKTACULAR!! The scrapbook paper at JoAnn’s is horrifying (and I really mean it, they have one little aisle). So, I went to Roberts and picked up the paper and some of the little things that I used to embellish. All of the Halloween Decor was 50% off, ANOTHER SCHORE!! I bought the skulls at the Dollar store, great find!!I started by covering all the boxes in the paper AND lots of decoupage and then went to work stacking and decorating!! The googly eyes on the Bottom Box are SUPER FUN … Kinda time consuming to wrap all the paper and then to put a few good coats of decoupage but super easy!! Seriously, my mom is trying to talk me into letting her have it so she can decorate her office with it … I am totally going to make some Christmas ones and probably even Thanksgiving, just because I love how these turned out.



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5 responses to “Seriously like the CUTEST thing I have ever made … besides my son of course :)

  1. Dragonfly Treasure

    Too cute!! err, I mean Spooktacular!!!!*hugs*deb

  2. Marie

    Hello Jessica – it's nice to meet ya! Love your cute blog. And you did a fabulous job on your Halloween decor! It's awesome. You found some great deals too. Thank you for sharing!Blessings,Marie

  3. Southern Fried Gal

    Hello! Stopping over from Rhoda's…love your spooky craftiness – cute!

  4. Becca @ Blue Cricket Design

    I am finding so many fun new people and blogs to enjoy!!!You being one of them!!!Thanks for joining in on the fun over at Blue cricket Design1!! I love your creation!

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