SUPER-DUPER cute "Literate" Pumpkins

Once again I stole an idea from another crafting blog, this one to be exact. I came across her blog while reading this blog, I LOVE when that happens!! Anyway, I LOVED the idea and ran out to D.I that night and picked up 3 books for $3.75!!! After adding the ribbon they maybe cost a total of $6.00 …. SOOOO CHEAP AND FUN!! But, it took about 2.5 hours total to make them … making the $6.00 not as exciting as it was before I started. HaHa. I think you should all try your hand at these. After halloween I am going to change the ribbon and the Jack-O-Lantern face and make them Thanksgiving-ish, then Christmas, and Valentines and oh the possibilities are ENDLESS!! Oh, I guess I should tell you how to make them … super easy:
1. Get a paperback book and make sure that the spine is super worked in and it bends easily
2. start folding each page in towards the spine (I used a bone folder to make the folding quicker and crisper)
3. once you have folded all of the pages glue the first and last pages to each other, add some ribbon and/or scary Jack-O-Lantern faces and VOILA!! you have your literate pumpking or just a cool decoration to put on a shelf or bookcase. If you make these I want to see pictures!! I have a cute idea in my head using this technique but a snowman … I will definitely post the results.

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